Website, general content, and specialised translation

A project can be general or specific, technical, or creative. It may involve two languages, or even five (or more). For this reason, each time we receive a new project, we adapt our approach to its specific needs.

Find out more about some of our most recent translation projects

Our services go way beyond mere translation. As well as delivering a top-quality finished product, our experts’ extensive knowledge allows us to identify potential incoherences or errors in the original text. Read on to find out more about some of the projects that we have worked on recently:

Experience catalogues

Professionals working on these catalogues must be bursting with creativity to transmit the experiential descriptions as naturally and fluidly as possible.


Who hasn’t been to a restaurant while on holiday or on business abroad and ended up laughing at some of the translations printed on the menu? As amusing as this can be, we want to make sure it doesn’t happen anymore. We are specialised in gastronomical translation, so we can do justice to every delicious dish in the target language, regardless of the culture of origin.

Operations Manuals

Manuals must be accurate, technical, and very methodical, to explain each procedure precisely.

Website and SEO translation

We translate websites for many different companies, dedicated to a wide range of sectors. We sometimes work on translations with a SEO perspective, so the positioning of the website in its source language is reflected in the translated languages.

SEO editing

Our SEO editing projects involve creating optimised content in the client’s chosen language. After studying the key words, we develop a text which is both adapted to the searchers’ recommendations and attractive and natural for the users.

Service directories

Our professionals working on service directories require knowledge of the hotel industry, marketing and much more.

Training and induction programmes

Translating training programmes is highly descriptive, and its main purpose is to transmit the information clearly and indisputably.

Budgetary guidelines

Financial documents require advanced economic translation knowledge so that all the information is transmitted accurately in the target language.

Hotel brochures

Translating brochures requires a high level of creativity and concision, as these documents are both schematic and very communicative and experience based.

Brand standards

All brand communication and actions are based on their fixed standards. For this reason, translating them requires particular care and attention to detail.

Customer satisfaction questionnaires

If the results of these questionnaires are not transmitted with absolute accuracy, they may be misinterpreted. Translating them therefore requires both specific knowledge of the sector and extremely precise attention to detail.

Over 30 language combinations

As well as our habitual language combinations, our team of translators works with more than 30 different language combinations, in response to market requirements. These are the languages that we most of our current projects involve:

























If your project involves languages that are not on the list, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will manage your project and find the best professionals to work on it.

Translations Lab are fast, their translations are great and in the tone of the brand for whom they translate... I have been working with them for years and I would not change them for anything in the world.

— Sara Ranghi | Director of Marketing & Brand Development Americas, Meliá