A university and a London hotel – where the dream began

Hello! I’m Raquel Rubio Muñiz, translator of English, Italian and Catalan into Spanish, and hotel industry expert.

Google, Amazon, and Apple are all companies which make us think that all great businesses start with just two ingredients: a couple of friends and a garage! We can even throw a third ingredient into the mix: a geographical setting near California.

In my case, the story began a few years ago in London, when I was supplementing my linguistics studies in the University of Westminster with full-time work at several hotels in the city. This was my first point of contact with the hotel and hospitality industries, and I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t love at first sight!

A new destination for my work in the hotel industry and translation: Palma, Majorca

I enjoyed working in the hotel industry so much that I decided to return to Spain after finishing my studies. However, I didn’t go back to my native Asturias. My chosen destination was Palma, Majorca, where I continued to work in the headquarters of many large hotel chains which owned properties all over the world. To a certain point, my future as a translator and project manager was influenced by the departments that I worked in: Food and Beverages, Marketing and Sales, Operations, Spa and Wellness, Business Development and Guest Experience, among others.

During this time, I completed several postgraduate courses in Tourism, Communication and Hotel Management. Meanwhile, I never lost touch with what I had studied: languages and translation. I managed to combine my work in the hotel industry with translation and proofreading for hotels, bars, and restaurants.

A fusion of knowledge and experience in the Balearic Islands

In 2017, after about 8 years juggling my work as a freelance translator, proof-reader, and editor with my job in the hotel industry, I decided that it was time these two worlds met. I wanted to offer a single, unique service – and voilà! This is how Translations Lab began. The only thing that hasn’t changed is my location: who needs a Californian garage when you can have an office in the Balearic Islands?

In the early days, almost all the translation projects coming in were linked to hotels or restaurants, many from English, Italian or Catalan into Spanish, so I was able to provide this service myself.

With a lot of work and effort, our client portfolio gradually grew, and I was soon receiving requests for new projects in other languages and linked to other fields of expertise. So, what was the next step? I started to develop a robust network of professionals with different language combinations, specialising in many different fields. In no time at all, we set to work.

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A great group of native translators

Translations Lab’s DNA is now made up of a select group of native translators, proof-readers, and editors. We also have a multidisciplinary Project Management team, who always have an ace up their sleeves to make sure every project runs smoothly, regardless of the size or hand-in date.

Thanks to this great team, we have managed to expand the scope of our services and to include more languages. Our network of translators, both in the Balearic Islands and worldwide, continues to grow. We are always on the lookout for committed professionals who share our values, and who we can call upon whenever we receive a project which fits their specific profile perfectly.

I now personally spend my days overseeing the agency’s activities, keeping in touch with clients and looking for new market and growth opportunities. We want our solutions to reach more people, in different sectors, yet never straying too far from the hotel industry, which has made me who I am today.

Every day marks the start of a new chapter in the story of Translations Lab. Four years ago, I had no idea that all this would be possible. I now hope to add sequel after sequel to this adventure story for many years to come.


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