Specialised translation for each client

The division of projects according to their translation specialities guarantees the delivery of translations of the highest quality to all our clients, regardless of the sector to which they are dedicated. Since no two topics are the same, each translation project requires a different approach. Therefore, we rely on a wide range of translators specialising in topics such as tourism, hospitality and catering, aviation, social media, creative translation, art and culture, the legal sector, the environment, the real estate market or strategic consulting, among others.

Integral web project management: SEO reports, content writing and translation into 8 languages

When COVID-19 struck, one international hotel chain took advantage of the situation to overhaul many of their hotels’ websites, by creating content with SEO perspective. This content was then translated into several languages. Under this premise, we started working on an integral project, and consequently, the brand has gone up in the rankings of their markets of interest.

First of all, we analysed the competition, researched what the key words were, and got an idea of the most interesting opportunities for the brand in question. Once we had extracted the data, we put it in a SEO report to present to the brand, alongside a strategy that they could follow to boost their position on the market.

Once we received their approval, we drafted the SEO articles. For this, we combined an attractive, experimental approach with certain elements needed to boost the hotels’ organic positioning. Finally, we translated the articles into the 8 most relevant languages for the brand.

Urgent translations: hotel manuals

Product presentation or brand creation projects are very extensive, subject to many changes and often have strict deadlines. While we usually expect documents to be ready for translation on a specific day, there are often last-minute delays, and the translation team receives them very late. However, the final delivery date remains unchanged.

The chains that we work with show off our hotel manual translation project management skills to their best advantage. We are aware of what is going on at every stage, so we pull out all the stops to make it work, delivering the project on time, and complying with the strictest quality standards.